Sunday, June 24, 2012

This blog has moved!


Well, it's the end of an era for me as I say a fond farewell to blogspot. It's been a wonderfully exciting few years and blogspot has been marvellous, but it's time for me to step up a gear with my online presence by migrating to a super professional-looking website (I hope!) which has my blog integrated into it.

Please head on over to where you'll find my new blog.

I'm also finishing with my two separate websites, and; both addresses will direct to the new website! The aim is not to have a confusing online presence but to have one clean but comprehensive website where my portfolio, writing resources and my blog can all live happily together (awww!).

If you can't yet see the redirection for or it's probably because I've only just set them up. Hopefully all will soon be running smoothly!

I hope to see you all over there - don't forget to add my new blog address to your feeds! The feed address is:

- Michelle

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